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  • 10/04/2014


    X-Raid is back at Pharaons Rally with 2 cars! The X-Raid team, absolute master of the 2014 Dakar (1st - 2nd - 3rd place), with its performing MINI ALL4 Racing, confirms its participation to the next Pharaons Rally, that will take place in Egypt in May 2014. Two cars registered in the race so far and probably others will join the team directed by Sven Quandt in the coming weeks.

    There will be at the steering wheel of the MINI ALL4 racing Vladimir Vasilyev (RUS) with co-pilot Konstantin Zhiltsov (RUS) and Erik Van Loon (NDL) with co-pilot Wouter Rosegaar (NDL).

    Vladimir Vasilyev is the Russian Rally champion, besides his tenth position at the last Dakar and sixteenth in 2013! Running with a new co-pilot (Konstantin Zhiltov). Although they just started the season, they already got top results, second place at the Northern Forest and fourth at the Italian Baja. Around the top ...

  • 31/03/2014


    PRESS RELEASE - March 31st 2014

    Back from scouting in order to verify the track of the coming 2014 Pharaons Rally, our “reco team” tells you that this year is dedicated to the pleasure of driving over different types of terrains and also to the pleasure of sight.

    Actually the route will roll over a beautiful variety of terrains, over a rhythm that allows to show the technical skills of the vehicle and of its crew. It will reward more the quality of the driver than the risk taken and the high speed.

    The scrutineering and the start of the Pharaons Rally will take place in the town of El Gouna, on the shore of the Red Sea. A small Egyptian "Las Vegas", El Gouna is a comfortable beach resort that offers many water sports for tourists. In order to arrange the best “place” for everyone at the start of the ...

  • 21/03/2014


    NEWSLETTER – 2014 March 21st

    Enjoy the beauty of Egypt and its history while following your favorite racer. You can swin in the Red Sea in El Gouna, discover archeological sites in Luxor, enjoy the amazing sunsets of the desert in Dakhla and Baharia Oasis, and feel like a Pharaoh in Cairo.

    We have tailored programs for you.

    If you have any special wish, let us know: we prepare your journey according to your request.


    Here the whole program

  • 17/03/2014

    RACERS @ PHARAONS 2014 chapter 2

    NEWSLETTER - 2014 March 17th

    2014 SCOUTING has started. Pics and news live from the desert avery day on our facebook page. Follow us!!!

    The “African bug” stays with you forever; you get “desert sick” even after having been there once. Competitors are so directly in touch with the terrains, the heat, the sand… that whoever starts to run the Pharaons Rally, does not leave it.

    It’s easy to join them: you can start reading their stories to get inspired.
    Then call us for further info and find out the last offer to save some money.

    Enjoy their stories. Enjoy the legend.

    ALDO and DARIO DE LORENZO Auto The legendary twins: a love story with the Pharaons Rally. After a “premiére” in the Cross Country at the Dakar Race, they find their right terrain in Egypt in 2000... “ the best mixture of track, duration and different terrains”… and they’ve ...

  • 28/02/2014


    NEWSLETTER – 28th February 2014 HOTEL PACKAGE: convenient, easy and luxurious

    The Organization has finalized the facilities for the logistics of the race. Our 2014 hotel package is convenient, easy and comfortable. You only have to download the hotel application form from our website, fill it in with your request and send it to

    Our offer is 320 euro per person in a double room including 5 nights - breakfast and dinner included - in 5 stars hotels

    • Three nights in EL GOUNA on the Red Sea in Egypt on the nights of 17/05, 18/05, 19/05
    • One night in LUXOR next to the marvelous historical monuments on the night of 20/05
    • One night in CAIRO not too far from the Great Pyramids where the race ends on 24/05

    As usual, the nights in the desert will be camping in our luxurious bivouac.

    Join the Pharaons ...