The Pharaons Rally 2012 - Tradition, and Novelty!


Tradition – and Novelty ... These are the characteristics of the 2012 Pharaons Rally, which is taking place next October 1st (preliminaries from the 29th September). The place is the Plain of Giza, right in front of the Pyramids, in a scenario that no other sporting event in the world can probably dream of matching! Tradition: this is an event that can boast 15 previous editions with the same identical organization, that - with a passion, an assistance, and a professionality everywhere recognized as unique in the world of rallies (TT) – is poised to gratify the participants with a week of thrilling emotions like no other! Still in the key of tradition; all this makes the Pharaons one of the rallies with the greatest number of participants, and one that has received the plaudits of the top grade international media - with, as always, a record of quality of services and a budget of popularity that fears no rivals. Novelty: for the 2012 edition we have created a new formula, capable of satisfying the accomplished driver and the novice who wishes to take part in a rally of the highest class; at the same time assuring the expert driver of the opportunity to test himself in a trial at world level, in one last rally, both severe and selective, that constitutes a fitting conclusion to mark the end of a season of competitions. Still on the tone of Novelty: the formula of the “modular rally” has been incorporated in this edition; we are offering a circuit capable of highlighting the skills of the drivers, but which includes as an integral part of each leg, at the points where the circuit meets the paved road, special “exits” that are directly connected to the ways leading to the camping bivouac; this facility allows the contestant (after paying the penalties for the part of the course not covered) to preserve his physical and mental energies in order to face the successive leg in a relaxed and confident manner. This is an event for everyone: for the competitor who feels up to 2800 kilometres of a circuit that is very, very testing – as well as for the person who cares more for an opportunity to undertake the challenge with a certain tranquillity, and with the option of choosing each day those areas of the Egyptian desert that most appeal to him. Following our normal custom we are pleased to be offering enrolment terms that will be particularly favourable for the first competitors to enroll, and for all those who enroll during the month of February. Soon we shall be publishing details on our website, or interested parties may telephone the office at 0039.331.8349916

Pharaons Rally – Press Office