Pharaons is “different”! - The 2012 Rally



Only a few days have passed since the opening of inscriptions, and we have already received more than 15 requests from crews for both motorcycles and cars! The interest that this event always arouses is inspiring – not to mention the number of enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals, two wheel and four-wheel, that are anxious to see the mythical Pyramids before they launch themselves into the challenges, the obstacles and the triumphs, of the Ancient Desert.

The Pharaons boasts a favourable date calendar-wise. Our new shipping line will enable the crews to recover their vehicles from the magnificent port of Venice only three days after the finish of the Rally, a feat in itself. Remember that this is the best test to prepare for the grand winter rallies, including the legendary Dakar Rally, on account of the variety of terrain and length of tracks it offers.

This year we are organizing a really ambitious challenge: more than 2,800 kilometers of varying terrains; special stages, stretches that are tough, hard going, extreme sand, cathedral dunes, black valleys, stone labyrinths, everything that you need if you are looking for a week of genuine intense sport.

The track has already been completely designed, and our ground crews will start testing it from the first weeks of next April. Our website will supply you with photographic material as soon as our reconnaissance team has returned. We are confident that after seeing these pictures, you will instantly catch the “Egyptian fever”, and you will be forced to enroll if you want to fight this “disease”!

Conditions of enrollment are already online. Special promotional offers will be available to early subscribers, up to the end of March. After that date the normal rate will extend to June 30th. For late entries, there will be a small increase. Anyway, please bear in mind that the Pharaons Rally has always maintained the best ratio from the point of view of cost/quality vs. length of track!

As always, all the information is available on our website . Or call our secretariat at +393318349916

Pharaons Press – March 2012