From September 29th till October 6th the Pharaohs Rally will run its fifteenth edition. A round trip from the wonderful Pyramids of Giza along almost three thousands kilometers in the Egyptian desert through six unmissable stages.

Even though the world economy goes through an unfavorable moment, it is comforting to be able still to enjoy oneself . And the Pharaons Rally is such a pleasure, which goes on nonstop since fifteen years and it is there on time also this year in front of the Pyramids of Giza, in order to celebrate an important anniversary. These fifteen years have seen many champions competing in Egypt, in a desert that is a real test for men and vehicles, a challenge that’s repeated year after year always more exciting.

Like every year the Pharaons is preparing a track that will make the most romantic ones dream while it does not disappoint the expectations of the competitive professionals. A challenge among dunes, rocks, trails and fesh fesh, which is the final leg of FIM World Cross Country Rally and the penultimate leg of the FIA World Cup.

Pharaons 2012 offers again the pattern introduced last year with two set bivouacs, which was greatly appreciated by all participants. This does not compromise the length and variety of the race that has almost three thousands kilometers of special stages this year, "designed" by the scouts’ skilled hands in order to offer the best of the Egyptian desert. Therefore two of the total six stages will be “loops”, the other four are "in line".

The actual scouting will start this week and the track will take its final shape with the draft of the road book. On the entries side, Pharaons confirms its great appeal to passionate lovers of desert adventure: more than forty crews have already signed up, taking advantage of the most favorable early conditions. The running "standard" rate will last up to the end of June. The Speedbrain Husqvarna team will be in Egypt, with the strong Joan Barreda and Paulo Goncalves. There is also the great return of Luca Manca racing with Boano Team, who comes back to African competitions after his terrible accident at 2010 Dakar.

Among the notable cars to confirm their presence there are the teams of Objectif Dunes, Matzker team and the loyal Japanese Dr. Keiko. But many big names are expected at the Pharaons this year ...

Speaking of certainties: at Pharaons you find again the usual convivial atmosphere "Italian s tyle" and Egypt is ready to welcome the caravan of the rally with its traditional hospitality and its wonders. Pharaons is different! Always!

The 10 “commandments” of Pharaons Rally

  • Start from a site unique in the World: the Pyramids of Giza
  • Luxury hotel for start and finish
  • “5 stars” bivouacs
  • Liaisons on asphalt reduced to the minimum
  • Almost 3000 kilometers of track in six stages
  • Maximum attention to safety
  • Two rescue helicopters
  • Highly experienced and efficient medical team
  • An organization caring for each one
  • A perfect test for the great rallies at the end of the year