Pharaons 2012: the route is ready!


The 15th Pharaons Rally is taking its definite shape. After having “designed” the route on paper, the skilled scouts, accompanied by the road-book “magician” Stephane Le Bail, have transformed the theory into practice. With the tires of their off-roads along a line of 2500 kilometers of special stage, through the most beautiful sites of the Egyptian Desert, while going to search meter after meter all the typical situations of the cross country rally. The outcome stays in six stages, both demanding at driving level as well as for navigation. So the Pharaons keeps its tradition of being a thorough rally, the perfect test for vehicles in view of the Dakar or the Africa Race. At the same time it offers a great challenge, one of the last “real” cross country rallies with the obstacles and the delights for all participants who will be enchanted by the vast Egyptian Desert, a mineral universe that hides surprises and striking landscapes behind every corner.

These are better known by Mahmoud Nour El Din, skilled connoisseur of the most hidden corners of Egypt and since three years, creator of our rally tracks: "Just back from really beautiful scouting… The route is simply marvelous. Much varied. Every day it’s a continuous change of dune crossings, trails, off-roads, rocks and always among outstanding landscapes. This year the average level of the race is high. Every day there are dunes, sometimes quite soft. We’ll cross all types of dunes, from the “broken” dunes, to barcanes, to “whale back”. There are great erg with steep uphills, other smaller with soft sand but mainly the famous “cathedral” dunes where this year the challenge is to find all WPM or WPS... The CAP is the secret for the right navigation of 2012 edition. Some areas will show countless tracks where co-drivers ought to carefully follow the road-book, the same in other off-road areas and when crossing dunes chains. The legs 3 and 4 are the toughest. Frankly also the legs 2 and 5 have dunes passages that are very technical. Sometimes you travel on fast tracks, where you must be more careful as often you’ll meet bumps and dangers of level 2 and 3. Generally the track of 2012 Pharaons will challenge both drivers and co-drivers. A great adventure in “no man’s land…"

If the enthusiastic words of Mahmoud are not enough, it’s possible to see a pictures preview of scouting at this link. A summary of the difficult and unforgettable weeks that are leading to the realization of the route over which the 15th Pharaons Rally will see drivers running from 1st to 6th of October.